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These are some of the thoughts from
our wonderful customers over the years...

We have been spoiled by and are appreciative of Leslie’s continuing to feed our long distance collecting interests as we do not reside in the Bay Area. Her periodic appraisals, photographic records and expertise have been invaluable.

Lesley is always a gracious hostess. She just wants you to love the things as much as she clearly does, but she will also let you browse and learn on your own. If you don't know Inuit sculpture,  it is a unique art form, and you couldn't have a better teacher.

The integral part of "Images" is of course Lesley, whose unsurpassed knowledge, guidance and wonderful personality made visiting the "museum" a much anticipated buying experience. Finally, collecting these unique art forms is not only personally rewarding, but it also helps to support a population of indigenous people whose existence relies heavily on their ability to sell their art.

Over the years, my favorite haunt for purchasing Inuit Art has become "IMAGES OF THE NORTH" WHY? Because the quality and authenticity of the goods meet the highest expectation, the owner is a person of high integrity, prices are fair, the owner is extremely courteous and extremely accommodating. I have purchased several dozen pieces over the years and never had a problem with any single one of them.