CAPE DORSET has always been renowned for its elegantly styled sculpture, finely carved out of the beautifully variegated serpentine found on Baffin Island. On view are examples of some of the best work coming out of Kinngait today.

KNOWN FOR HIS exceptional compositions of birds, Tukiki Manumee is making a resurgence after taking a break from carving. The lyrical quality of his lovely new bird sculptures are particularly impressive. And, one lone muskox from Iqaluit by the late Seepee Ipellie is included as it is a classic example of the artist’s style and favorite subject.

I AM HOPEFUL that many of our local collectors will pay a visit to the gallery to see the comprehensive inventory of sculpture from all the carving centers of Canada as well as Alaskan ivory, bone and antler pieces. Also on display are SW native jewelry and Zuni fetishes, masks and literature.

YOU ARE WELCOME to make an appointment if you are unable to come by during regular hours. The gallery offers appraisal services and ships worldwide for your convenience.   
—Lesley Leonhardt



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