Dear Inuit Art Print Collector,
This year, Images of the North will be presenting the 2016 Cape Dorset Print Collection entirely online.
Opening on Saturday, October 15 firm orders will be accepted beginning at 9:00 am.
Please place your orders via email or phone. Confirmations will be honored in the order received.
A 15% courtesy discount will be given due to the favorable rate of exchange with Canada.

The collection is comprised of 27 images and features prints by new artists,
Pauojoungie Saggiak
and Ningiukulu Nungusuituk.
Please note that #24, Midnight Owl by Teevee, shown above, has been produced in an
edition of 100 allowing more collectors to obtain this very fine stonecut/stencil.

View the collection by clicking the link below and then scrolling down to see the prints.

2016 Cape Dorset Print Collection

I look forward to assisting you in selecting an acquisition from this exciting collection.
Lesley Leonhardt

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