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When collectors bring their treasures to the gallery for resale, I am struck by their good taste and the care given to the sculptures they purchased so long ago. Early carvings often show an authenticity to the subject that was much appreciated by the public. Minimalism also had a very strong following amongst collectors as well. I'm particularly taken by the very fine Mother and Child by Mary Kumak featured here. The realism and detail in the carvings presented are but one aspect of the beauty that is Inuit art. Click the image to view the collection of New Fall Acquisitions. —Lesley Leonhardt





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The 56th Annual Cape Dorset Print Collection will be on view from October 6 through the 31st with the sale held on Saturday, October 17 at 3 pm. This new time and day will not change the format of the sale, which is by lottery. Collectors who cannot attend in person may place a firm order by 1 pm and a number will be drawn for you. The new Saturday Opening will hopefully be more convenient for local Bay Area collectors to attend. I look forward to seeing you. Click on the image to view the collection.


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