Ningokuluk Teevee, Kinngait, Nunavut

Born May 27, 1963, Ningeokuluk is the daughter of Joanasie Salomonie (deceased) and his wife Kanajuk. Her father, Joanasie, was a community leader and much loved in Cape Dorset for his sense of humour, mischief and compassion. Ningeokuluk works full-time for the municipal government in Cape Dorset, and devotes her spare time to her family and whatever time she can to her drawing, which she does at home. Her husband, Simeonie Teevee is a musician and plays with his band at community events in Cape Dorset and at music festivals around Nunavut.

Over the past several years, Teevee has been gaining a reputation for her fine drawings and her impressive prints in the annual Cape Dorset print release where she debuted in 2004. The clear, precise line of her drawings translate the world around her onto the page in a unique and graphic style. Her works have been colorfully transformed into many print types including stonecut, lithography and serigraph.

Ningeokuluk is one of the most versatile and intelligent graphic artists to emerge from the Kinngait Studios. Her unique approach to interpreting traditional legends
and stories into her drawings and prints has captivated both the traditional and contemporary Inuit art collector. Inspired by stories and legends told by Mialia Jaw to schoolchildren in Cape Dorset, Ningeokuluk is one of a new generation of Inuit artists who are bringing the tales back to life in graphic form.
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