March 8 - April 4, 2008

In his sculpture, the prolific and always creative Abraham Anghik Ruben provides the viewer with a unique perspective on old stories and mythology as well as the reality that is Inuit culture today.

Using the workable Brazilian soapstone, Anghik’s narrative style interprets classic Inuit themes - Sedna, shamans, transformations and family life. Rarely is a sculpture what it appears to be on first viewing. There is always more to be discovered as one ponders the calm and fluid surfaces of the beautiful stone. Always graceful and moving, Anghik’s work is uniquely his own.

Anghik prefers to create the large scale and dramatic sculpture he is known for but being Inuit, he simply cannot waste any stone left over from those works. As a result, this collection features some lovely smaller sculptures – both in size and price.

Carving professionally since the early 1970’s, Anghik has become one of Canada’s most prominent contemporary Inuit sculptors. His work is seen in all major museums across Canada and in a number of corporate and public spaces. Please click here to read his biography.

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